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Air Freight

United Shipping Couriers is a leading provider of air freight services worldwide. With our extensive network of partnerships and state-of-the-art handling facilities, weoffer reliable and cost-effective air cargo solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Ocean freight

United Shipping Couriers offer sea freight services that provide efficient and cost-effective transportation of goods across the globe. With a wide range of options, clients can choose from full container load or less than container load (LCL) shipments.

Truck Freight

United Shipping Couriers provide reliable and efficient truck freight services to meet various transportation needs, offering flexible, customized logistics solutions tailored to meet unique requirements of businesses and individuals.

Train Freight

Our team of experienced professionals provides the highest level of customer service and strives to exceed clients’ expectations. Utilizing advanced technology, they can track goods in real-time and provide updates on the status of shipments to ensure timely delivery.

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United Shipping Couriers offers a range of shipping services to individuals and businesses. For individuals, we offer domestic and international courier services for sending personal items, documents, and gifts. Businesses can take advantage of our freight forwarding and logistics solutions, which include air and sea cargo, warehousing, and distribution. We also offer customs clearance and insurance options for added convenience and peace of mind. In addition, United Shipping Couriers provides online tools and tracking services to make managing shipments easy and efficient. Customers can track their packages in real-time and receive delivery notifications. Our company prides itself on its reliable and efficient service, with a commitment to delivering shipments on time and in good condition.

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United Shipping Couriers Mission

United Shipping Couriers (USC) is a delivery and logistics company committed to providing exemplary shipping services to its clients. Our primary goal is to ensure that packages and products are delivered promptly, safely, and with excellent customer service.

USC believes in providing reliable, secure, and efficient delivery services that meet their clients’ expectations. We are dedicated to enhancing the customer experience by offering flexible shipping options that cater to their clients’ diverse shipping needs.

Our company also values professionalism, integrity, and transparency in their operations. Our employees adhere to ethical standards, and they maintain open communication to create a trustworthy relationship with clients. USC is committed to using sustainable practices in our operations to minimize the impact on the environment. We strive to reduce carbon emissions, and they initiate recycling programs to minimize waste.

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About United Shipping Couriers

United Shipping Couriers, known as USC, is a global logistics and transportation company founded in 1991. The company started as a small courier service in New York with a few employees and has since expanded to become a major player in the logistics industry. USC offers a wide range of services including air and sea freight, express delivery, warehousing, and customs clearance. Today, the company has a global network with over 50 offices worldwide and strong partnerships with major airlines and shipping companies. USC has also received numerous awards for its excellence in customer service and industry leadership. The company is committed to innovation and investing in the latest technologies to improve its operations..

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Global Network

United Shipping Couriers has a global network of partners and affiliates, allowing them to offer seamless shipping services to customers worldwide.


Our mission is to provide reliable, efficient, and cost-effective courier services while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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We prioritize the safety and security of packages, ensuring that they are delivered on time and in perfect condition.

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United Shipping Couriers has received numerous positive testimonials from satisfied customers

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